Age, sport-specialized training, excessive play may be linked to injury risk American Journal of Sports Medicine Excerpt from the article: "Young athletes were found to be at an elevated risk for injury as they aged, engaged in sport-specialized training and when they spent a dispropor ...

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Why is Exercise Important for Arthritis Patients?

Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Excerpt from the article: "Most orthopaedic physicians will advise patients to continually exercise if they are dealing with some form of arthritis. Yet people may n ...

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The Health Risks of Shoveling Snow

WSJ: With a Blizzard Forecast, Shoveling Wet, Heavy Snow Is a Lot of Exercise; Push, Don’t Lift. Excerpt from the article: "Shoveling your way out of a snowstorm is actually a big workout. And that means that shoveling lar ...

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A Diverse Approach to Orthopedic Care


A Diverse Approach to Orthopedic Care

This article is from the May 2013 issue of MD News. Twin Cities Orthopedics physicians, including Dr. Jason Barry, argue that young athletes who specialize in a single sport are at greater risk of injuries than athletes who ...

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Minnetonka expands clinic, service offerings


Twin Cities Orthopedics expands clinic, service offerings in Minnetonka

Twin Cities Orthopedics expanded services at its Minnetonka location today with the opening of a new clinic space.The expansion provides convenient access for patients and families to meet the growing demand for orthopedic u ...

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Photo credit: @OrthoToday


Twin Cities Orthopedics physicians participate in AAOS Annual Meeting

Twin Cities Orthopedics has been recognized for producing cutting-edge scientific orthopedic research. TCO physicians are internationally renowned educational leaders who are passionate about research and continually transfor ...

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Research and Education


TCO’s research and education vital to patients

Athletes get better at their respective sports through practice and dedication, finding new ways to improve their on-field performance. Research and education play similar roles in the lives of physicians.The Research and Edu ...

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Minnesota Mash


Minnesota Mash develops young baseball players and athletes

Tom Buske and Steve McGuiggan love baseball. Both were standout players for Apple Valley High School, played on NCAA Division I teams and signed professional contracts.In 2012, while completing the shift from players to coach ...

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Strength and conditioning


TCO strength and conditioning, personal training: We’ve got you covered

Fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be fun! Plus, it should be flexible instead of one size fits all. The strength and conditioning specialists at Twin Cities Orthopedics believe in that approach, too.Strength an ...

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Practical Orthopedics for Primary Care Conference


TCO to host Practical Orthopedics for Primary Care Conference

Save the date – Join us!On Friday, April 7, Twin Cities Orthopedics will be hosting the 10th Practical Orthopedics for Primary Care Conference.This full-day event will focus on the evaluation and non-surgical treatment of ...

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Make It To State


Make It To State 2017

Twin Cities Orthopedics is committed to supporting youth sports and local communities, which is why we’re giving everyone a chance to “Make It To State!” The state tournament is about more than just the teams playing fo ...

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Matt Huuki


Decade after motorcycle crash, TCO patient calls walking a ‘gift’

Matt Huuki is grateful to be walking nearly 10 years after a devastating motorcycle crash left him with a pair of shattered ankles. He also appreciates the care he received at Twin Cities Orthopedics that allows him to move w ...

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obstacle course fitness


Unique ways to get fit in the new year

A new year is around the corner, so it’s time to get the New Year's resolutions rolling. Everyone’s heard the catchy phrase, “New year, new you!” It’s everywhere and, unfortunately, it doesn’t go away because ano ...

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NFL Foundation and Vikings partner to increase high schools' access to athletic trainers


Twin Cities Orthopedics featured in NFL spot about high schools’ access to athletic trainers

Twin Cities Orthopedics was honored to be a part of the NFL spot [WATCH] that features TCO Athletic Trainer Amanda Carlen and the Rockford High School football team and emphasizes the importance of athletic trainers in high ...

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