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411 Stageline Road, Suite 100
Hudson, WI, 54016



About Twin Cities Orthopedics Hudson

TCO Hudson is located in the Hudson Hospital & Clinic building. 
Twin Cities Orthopedics Hudson provides the acute and chronic orthopedic treatments patients can rely on for relief from pain, inflexibility, and immobility. The orthopedic and sports medicine physicians at our Hudson orthopedic center specialize in a variety of non-surgical and surgical orthopedic solutions to treat everything from podiatry care to total shoulder joint replacement. Whether you are recovering from an automobile accident, sports injury, or chronic condition, our specialists will provide you with the information and options allowing you to make the best decision regarding your health. Contact our orthopedic specialty clinic in Hudson to schedule your appointment today.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

For more information call (800) 423-1088.

Twin Cities Orthopedics integrated with St. Croix Orthopaedics in 2015. Learn more about the integration by clicking here.


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Twin Cities Orthopedics Hudson

411 Stageline Road, Suite 100

Hudson, WI, 54016

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