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Our hours vary each week based on appointments, so please call ahead.


111 Hundertmark Rd, #240
Chaska, MN, 55318



About Twin Cities Orthopedics Chaska

TCO Chaska is located in the Two Twelve Medical Center.
Twin Cities Orthopedics Chaska provides comprehensive orthopedic treatment options ranging from convenience to a same day surgery center to joint and sprain care. Our Chaska orthopedic center also features our EXCEL surgery and recovery program, providing patients with private post-op recovery suites, 24-hour nursing care, and more. Our caring specialists have experience treating ailments from bunions to rotator cuff instability. Contact our orthopedic specialty clinic in Chaska to make an appointment and start feeling better today.


Same Day Surgery Center


The Two Twelve Surgery Center is a partner of TCO Chaska. For more information call (952) 456-7900.


EXCEL (Surgery & Recovery) 


For more information visit TCOExcel.com.

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Twin Cities Orthopedics Chaska

111 Hundertmark Rd, #240

Chaska, MN, 55318

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